Paula Dione Ingram

Singer • Actress • Voice Teacher • Performance Coach

Artistry One Productions, LLC

Artistry One Productions, LLC - is a professional performance coaching & corporate image consulting company. Founded by classically trained vocalist, internationally acclaimed stage performer and master corporate image consultant, PAULA DIONE INGRAM. 

You will learn to master confidence in the areas of performance: singing, acting and public speaking.  Whether you are already an established performer or you are just beginning your career, our professional expertise ranges from; musical artist career management tips, to navigating the recording industry and social media nuances, as an educated entrepreneur.  Learn how to become a successful "Master of your own Fate."

The ARTistry of communication is a viable skill which can be valued in corporate America. "What and How" you and your team communicate sets the tone for success. We've developed proven strategies for both in-house employees and outreach to existing and future customers, with optimal results. Whether in group or 1:1 training sessions, let us guide you through techniques geared towards clear, open and positive communication = successful business image. 

PAULA DIONE INGRAM is dynamic and engaging. Her mastery as a performer/coach/consultant is infectious and evident in her ability to capture and captivate her audience whether on stage or in a corporate boardroom . Miss INGRAM is a "One of a Kind" pedagogue in the "ARTistry of Communication: What does your image say about you?" 

"We pride ourselves on extraordinary customer service. Our company's success is built on a strong foundation of faith and a commitment to service excellence."

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